We are agriculture experts, entrepreneurs, ex-bankers, researchers and industrialists united by a passion to deliver value to farmers, communities, consumers and stockholders alike. Our research-backed approach, helps us to constantly drive ourselves to increase productivity, taste and quality while being mindful of the environment.



To be a globally respected,
leading producer and
distributor of high quality,
Earth-friendly produce.


Our farm is Global GAP Certified. In other words, you could pick a pomegranate or an orange from any crate from our farm with assurance that it adheres to the highest international standards. Greater efficiency means greater reverence for the Earth, lesser waste and prolific productivity. Our strengths lie in our ability to streamline the farming process by the best technology from across the world. While in planting we are passionate, in processes we are mathematical. Our farms run with precision of a factory, with highly standardised processes and protocols so that our promises are backed by results.

We are a nation with ancient roots in agriculture and we combine this traditional wisdom with the best of contemporary technology. We are transforming the way Indian produce is grown, harvested and exported.

Being mindful of the planet is not just ethical, it is also profitable. By using only bio-pesticides and integrated pest management, we are protecting the eco-systems and fertility of our farms and the continued health and longevity of our own consumers. By not just focusing on producing now, but investing in research and development for the future, we can truly say we are one-of-a-kind for our country.